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‘Britain: one million years of the human story’
Natural History Museum
13 February – 28 September 2014

A project with Nick Bell Design
Exhibition design by Nissen Richards Studio
Build by Factory Settings

Between 2013 and 2014 we worked with Nick Bell Design to create the graphic design for The Natural History Museum's major exhibition of 2014, Britain: one million years of the human story. The exhibition set out to reveal recent science and research behind the story of humans in Britain over the past 1 million years. 

The design takes visitors through  different landscapes and climates, populated (or not, in the case of the ice-age of 450,000 years ago) with displays that explain how science can show us what Britain was like over the past 1 million years. The graphic design used digital printing techniques to enlarge landscape photography to supersize proportions, printing directly to plywood to create life-like, life-size, colourful contextual backdrops to archeological narratives. 

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